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I know this is not enough, but this is where we can start even as we continue the conversation and even dare to delve into the deeper conversations that are triggered here. If you are interested in having more conversations about our Social Principles, let us talk about a possible deeper study of the document.


Let us continue to support one another with our prayers. God bless you and I remain your partner in justice.




Dear Broadway Community,


Yesterday at church we talked about gun violence as part of our 6-week series on the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church. We heard a lot of statistics and the consequences of having easy access to firearms. Gun Violence is becoming an epidemic in our world, but it does not need to be that way. It is something that can be and needs to be prevented because one death by gun violence is one death too many.


We were reminded that the sub-section on ‘War and Peace,’ in the Social Principles, begins by saying that the United Methodists, “believe war is incompatible with the teachings and example of Christ.” We know that war is a larger topic but that guns are only a small part of it, but the need to control access to guns and the violence that is has perpetrated is not an issue that any one of us is unaware of, in our current reality.  We know there is approximately one mass shooting in our country every year. We know that there are accidental deaths by firearms. And while we know that there are deeper conversations that need to be had about the reasons why human beings are becoming increasingly violent in our responses but there is also a certain need for some immediate responses to the increased used of firearms in our society. Here are a few things that we can do in response to and in calling for an end to gun violence:


• The biggest I believe we can continue to do, any opportunity we have, is to speak up and speak out against guns.


• Connect with and support those who are directly impacted by gun violence.


• Support gun violence prevention programs, de-escalation groups, safety trainings, and support groups for survivors of gun violence.


• Advocate against laws that seek to increase the presence of guns in society, especially in public places such as schools, churches, airports, and elsewhere.


• Support the work of ONE Northside by joining us at the Annual convention so we can hear our political leaders respond to issues that our community is dealing with.


• Pressure politicians to make clear statements against gun violence and stop taking money from NRA.


• Boycott businesses that continue to support NRA.


• Volunteer with groups that are already doing the work.